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to bornemania.com, Our World, Alive. You can navigate using the drop-down menus (above) to find information on Academic Decathlon and American Government classes, as well as links about Grig's Quest (Minecraft). Although this site is primarily designed as a supplement for the classes of Robert Borneman at Oxnard High School, in Oxnard, California, we encourage all around the world to come and make use of the resources offered here.

Registration:  To register for access to the forums please contact Mr. Borneman or an Admin on Grig's Quest.  Registration is only required if you wish to post on the forums.

Warning from the Webmasters:  The site is currently undergoing massive reconstruction, but portions will be updated throughout the year as the Government classes progress.

Site updates:

  • (2013, Sept. 2) So far only syllabi for the first unit and class expectations have been posted.
  • 2015-10-07, syllabi for the last 2 years are available, Forums for Grig's Quest and AP Governement have been added, More to come.